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Smoking will never be positive for health. In the combustion process, toxins released, such as ammonia, tar or toluene, pass into our body.  In addition, the smoke irritates the respiratory tract and can cause symptoms such as phlegm, cough, sore throat, and even chronic bronchitis in some cases. Vaporizers are a healthier alternative and a creative glass process. They work by heating the herb to a temperature high enough to activate and release cannabinoids in vapour form. That is, they do not burn the grass, they only heat it.  Temperatures are usually around 150-230º C unlike combustion, where they reach between 600 and 1000º C. By not reaching combustion,  they reduce most of the toxins that are generated by smoking, and by using low temperatures, they do not irritate the respiratory tract.


In addition to preventing the damage caused by smoke, vaping has other advantages. Between them:

Terpenes, aromatic compounds of Cannabis, are very volatile, so heat is their worst enemy. In a vape, by heating the herb to low temperatures, the flavour of the marijuana that we are consuming can be better perceived, since the terpenes remain much longer. This can be noticed especially in the first sessions, or when we set them in the lowest temperature range.


In combustion, between 40 and 80% of cannabinoids are destroyed before entering the body. On the contrary, when vaporizing the extraction is more of cannabinoids and terpenes is slower, being able to take advantage of the plant’s compounds in a better way. In addition, in a vapour, it can be easily dosed. It is not necessary to build an entire pipe to smoke. In some, with just 0.1 grams of weed, you can take 4-6 puffs and get high.

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