Things to Look When Buying Pumping Bra

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When you are planning to pump—no matter whether at home or at workplace—you will need to buy the bra that will attach to the breast pump so that you will free up both your hands. This versatile and convertible design of the best pumping bra allows you wear this as the strapless band, tank, racer-back, and halter style and bra will be slipped easily when pumping, and wearing with the nursing bra or alone. This has the velcro closure this it will easily change to your body size when the shape of your body changes during postpartum period.

Features to look for

  • Adjustability & hooks: It is possible that your breast size may change with time of the breastfeeding journey, thus ensure that your bra is easily adjusted.
  • Suction control: The pumping bras must have the tight fit to stay rightly and get the good suction. Also, you do not want your bra to be very tight, but, because it will block the milk ducts. Material must be rigid to keep your breast shields in proper place, but soft and stretchy to be comfortable to wear daily.
  • Material: Most of the breast pump bras may have the stretch element for holding flanges in proper place. Cotton can keep you much cooler than the synthetic fabrics, like polyester.
  • Stability: An only purpose of the pumping bra is allowing for control of the breast shields & bottles. Your bra must firmly hold your pump device without feeling slippery or wobbly. Ensure you will move over, stand up, sit, or lean ahead without causing any flanges and bottles to fall down.
  • Suitability: Ensure you go with the bra that comes compatible with the breast pump. There are a few brands that produce bras especially for pumping purpose, whereas others are much universal.