What is a tree survey and how it can be helpful?

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What is the tree survey?

Trees are a big part of our landscape and environment and it is really important to know about them before keeping them or constructing around them. This is where a comprehensive tree survey comes in as a handy tool. One can contact there local tree surveying service provider, who will send their qualified arboriculturists who will give important and crucial details and information regarding various trees in and around a certain plot or area. Usually, a tree survey is done to make sure that one takes proper decisions regarding constructions and renovations all the while keeping the surrounding trees in mind.

When a tree survey becomes important?

A tree survey can become helpful during two kinds of situations like:

  • New construction: when a new building or a complex is to be built, a tee survey becomes crucial to see if the complex will harm any natural vegetation or if there is any kind of tree around the area which can harm a building and its infrastructure.
  • Expansion and renovation: all the trees which are in the 12 meters radius will have to surveyed to make sure that they will not harm any building base, service lines, etc.

tree survey

What kind of information is checked in a tree survey?

When an arborist does their tree survey different types of information is checked and revised like:

  • The tree type and its species
  • Height of the tree
  • The diameter of the tree trunk
  • Age of tree
  • The life expectancy of the tree
  • The health of the tree and if there is any kind of disease
  • If it can harm the surrounding buildings

What are the benefits of tree survey?

Advantages of getting a tree survey done in time are:

  • It is helpful in making sure that no tree is cut down accidentally especially if it was completely harmful, after all, it very important to save trees for the sake of the environment.
  • It is helpful for landscape designers to come up with rendered designs of a certain landscape.
  • Tree surveys are helpful in identifying new hazards from trees which can harm the buildings and premises.


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