Do Hair Extensions Ruin Hair?

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Hair extensions are a popular type of hairstyle that involves attaching human or synthetic hair to the natural hair on the scalp. They have emerged as a high-fashion and trendy fashion in recent years, but some people believe they’re ruining women’s hair while others believe they help it stay healthier. This article will answer your questions about whether or not extensions damage the health of such long-term effects as causing permanent damage to one’s hair, fading color, and damaging chemicals used during application.

Do Hair Extensions Ruin Hair?

No, not necessarily. In fact, hair extensions fort Lauderdale can protect hair that is otherwise damaged from heat styling, chemical treatments, or everyday wear and tear. Opt for a synthetic extension if you want to add length without damaging the quality of your natural hair. Human hair is preferable for many women who want to wear extensions without having to get a full head weave. However it comes with the risk of being allergic to human hair or causing damage where your scalp is attached. There are some instances where women’s hair has been permanently damaged from extensions, but it’s rare. Furthermore, only a qualified stylist can add extensions and the most damage occurs when women do their own hair extensions, so be sure to consult a professional if you’re interested in giving it a shot.

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So how do you know if your hair is healthy enough for extensions? If you plan on having 2 or more inches of new growth attached to your original strands you’re going to want to make sure that your hair is healthy or else it won’t grow and any damage that is done will also not grow back properly. You may already have some damage, but a modified weave may still be an option. Weaves require 2 to 3 inches of new growth and can cause a lengthy healing process for damaged hair. Why? Because the fiber used in synthetic hair extensions is not like human hair which absorbs naturally. The weave itself does not help to bring out the natural beauty of your natural hair, which means you will have to use a different technique or else your weave will not be as healthy as it could be.

The cosmetic treatments above will help your hair to grow and stay healthier while having your extensions, but they should be used as backup instead of the traditional way that many women go about having them. A healthy diet and proper hair care routine will also help your hair to be in its best condition possible.

You should also take care to choose a stylist who is experienced in adding extensions. Make sure they know exactly how long the natural hair has been growing, whether it is healthy or not and how long you want your extensions to last. They may recommend a special conditioning treatment and if they don’t, it could be a sign that they are not knowledgeable about added extensions.


Family planner- the best option for an organised lifestyle

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A family is a group of people living together, it requires a lot of planning and effort to maintain the family in an organised manner. This is done easily by family planners who can schedule all your events, and keep track of all the details of your family. Family planners help to note down all the events so that you will not miss any meetings or the works that are pending. If you are looking to buy the best family planner then visit the official website where you can choose the Family planners according to your needs and preferences.

How to choose the best family planner?Family planners

The best family planners should have separate sections so that all the details about a particular category are mentioned in that section so that it is easy to navigate. Family planners come in different patterns some of them are dated and others are non-dated. They are available as book calendars, and wall calendars. The planner should have some extra space to maintain any other special information like medical records, contact information etc.

If you are particular about planning every single day then you can opt for a dated planner, if you use it intermittently it is better to go with the updated one. If you feel the wall planners might mess up your wall you can go with a book planner. If you are creative you can add stickers and you can doodle in the planner as well. It is better to choose a planner with a suitable size and less weight. There are binder planners which are easily carried. The planners are available in monthly, as well as weekly patterns.

Using a family planner daily helps to do your work in time and you will never fail to attend any events. You can order the family planner online according to your need. Choose the planner how it helps to organize your day-to-day schedule easily. There are many options available to buy family planners. You must consider that it should satisfy all your needs to track every detail and every event. To make your life organised family planners are the best options. Not only your personal information you can track the details of your family as well. You can make it interesting to write the information by using different colour pens, and stickers. You can write the information in bullet points. Doodling regular activities will make it more interesting to write the family planner.