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Have you ever noticed how television has become the opium of the masses? Today it is omnipresent in every living room we find this device that has become over the years our window on the world. As you know, any technology is always good and bad. This is why in the following lines, we will present you some advantages as well as the disadvantages of television.

Advantages of television

It must be understood that television is a very practical and comfortable form of entertainment. With the innovation of television, one is no longer obliged to go to cinemas to see the films. The television brings you this comfort at home.

cannot compare the entertainment that television brings with the book or the radio for example. This device only requires a small effort to have on your fingertips all the information of the world.

With television, you have a medium that presents you with the extraordinary advertising that can be seen by a large number of viewers in a short time. Thanks to advertising, many projects are realized, many markets are concluded.

The television brings you information about the world on the comfort of your living room. You will not be disconnected as long as you have a TV with you. In each family, you will find lovers of one or another program that is happening on TV. Sport, music, film, news, documentaries..


The disadvantages of television

You better understand that TV  Channel like primewire  Tv Channelis a passive medium. Once in front of the television, you do not have to think too much. In most cases, all you have to do is what happens and what you see. You have already noticed that when you are watching TV, you easily forget everything around you. And understand how many times this causes degradation of family life as well as social. And as a result, we have this difficulty to know who his neighbor is and above all we do not take care of society or the outside world. know that watching TV too much can be harmful to your health. Your eyes will begin to weaken and also stay for a long time in front of the TV will lead you to obesity and diseases because of the sedentary lifestyle.

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