Do Your Gels at Home – Find Out Here How!

If you’re new in the world of gel polish, the essential thing that you need is an ultimate step-by-step tutorial for gel manicures. Once you’ve learned all the methods, then painting your nails with gel polish would be easy as 1, 2, and 3. Besides, it’s so satisfying knowing that you’re the one who makes your nails pretty. Though there are a few steps that are different compared to the traditional nail polish. So, continue to read on, jot down some notes, and prepare yourself to learn.

  1. Remove Any Previous Gel Polish

If you have previous gel polish on your nails, make sure to remove them properly before painting a new set of Esmaltessemipermanentes colors. You need to do this to make sure that your new colors don’t mix up with the old ones.

  1. Cut, Cut, and Cut

Cut your nails depending on your personal preferences. Your nails can be longer, squared, round, or whatever shape you like. You can also file your nails and push back cuticles if you prefer a neat vibe.

  1. Don’t Forget to Buff

Make sure to buff off your nails using a higher file or a quality buffer. Also, a higher number of the buffer means a finer grit. It is advisable to purchase or use a buffer that has at least 220 girts and higher. But if you have a previously removed gel polish manicure, remove the new growth nails and not a whole.

  1. Clean Your Nails

It is advisable to use rubbing alcohol which has at least a 91% solution and a wipe to cleanse and remove any nail debris. It is a crucial step to remove any nail residues or impurities due to buffing. Once the debris is left, it might cause a gel polish lifting in the future.

  1. Make Them Dry!

Others count dehydrating as part of the cleansing process, but for some, they have a separate procedure for this. You may use a 100% acetone to make your nails dry quickly. But remember, avoid putting acetone to your cuticles. For you to achieve a perfect result, make sure to apply the acetone to the nail by using a wipe or brush dipped in acetone basin.

Wait for the acetone to dry before putting any base coat like Esmaltessemipermanentes. If your nail gel polish is prone to lifting, make sure to dehydrate the tip of the nails. But if lifting persists, dehydrate the whole nails.

  1. Base Coat and Colors

After cleansing and drying your nails, start painting it with a gel polish base coat. You must paint the whole nail close to the cuticle and edges. But remember, do not paint the actual cuticle and nail edges. If those two touches with a base coat, it can be a cause of lifting, and your polish won’t last long.