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Do you find plans to dump your over-sized stuff? Is your job got transferred to another location and do you need to move somewhere? Got your summer and planning to share your friend’s room for vacation? For all the above questions, Bluecrates is the one word answer which is agreed by most of the people those who have enjoyed its quality service.

Extendable storage bags

We are specially considered as a wise self-storage in Chicago for its appreciable storage services anywhere in and around the city. Storage extension is a brilliant idea to give space to all the important items that cannot be thrown away just because of inadequate spacing in house. Our crates and wardrobes are meant to carry from lower weight items to over-weight items as we cannot predict the requirement of our customers. Storage extension is an affordable solution for many people those who are not ready to buy new furniture. It also suits well for the ones who prefer temporary storage units just to engage them for one or two months and it is obvious that our rental storage crates and wardrobes are boons to them.

free swap storage


Hassle free swap storage

If you are planning to use common rugs to hold all the items together, there will be a complete mess while debagging the items. In case if you have used our crates to keep your items, you can easily identify the items with the help of our cataloguing system. Therefore our storage system can be preferred to avoid unnecessary time delay in searching out the items that are misplaced somewhere. It is a well renowned self-storage in Chicago for its storage swap option through which you can achieve storage with no limits. During summer, you need not adjust with winter clothes just make a call; we come up with your summer wardrobe that could keep all of your summer wears. Thus Bluecrates is wise enough to satisfy all the expectations of customers with respect to storage.

We promise dropping the right sized crates as per your requirement and you pack everything inside it by the way that you usually do and we pick up the crates with no cost. Hereafter, you need not suggest your family members to buy less instead let them buy whatever they want and we are here with an appropriate solution.

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