Travel to other parts of the city easily by using public transport

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The greater southern waterfront is very close to the marina coastal expressway. You can find many international and private schools which are located near the amber park condo. The peaceful and serene part of the amber gardens estate is regarded as the prime address in the immediate area. The entrance of the projects in the amber area can be found on the exclusive road which is away from the city. The public transport can be used easily by the owners of the development to travel to the other parts of the city. The joint venture project in amber gardens has given attention to augment the prime piece of real estate for Amber Park condo price. The mature estate of the amber road can be transformed with the influence of the architectural conception.

Concerns of the regular layout:

The upgrades of the big and small families can cater to the appeal of the design and layout. The smart living and family space can be endured on a substantial and robust focus. The greenery aspect of the area can be integrated into both the public and private spaces. The primary concerns of the regular layout are efficient and important for the communal areas and Amber Park condo price. The investors and prospects can enjoy the iconic landmarks which are present on the site. The developers are looking forward to redeveloping the site and keep the freehold status on the group plan. The largest freehold collective sale was snapped up in Singapore with the dollar value. The realty plan to redevelop amber park will comprise the storey blocks and basement blocks.

 Avenue South Residence

Amber park price and pricing:

The land rate per plot ratio has reflected the sale price based on the allowable gross plot ratio. The current site of the amber park will include an allowable glass floor area. The floor plans will be released soon at the amber park so the price should be confirmed before the release. The reference from the bid price will be taken based on the amber park price and pricing. The implications on the future block deals can be maintained till the latest sale. The new benchmark prices are actually helpful for some of the existing projects. The foreign and local developers have highly contested to make the choice of the sites by looking at the price. You can have a look at the new price point if you are interested to go for the block.

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