What advantages does bitcoin cryptocurrency offer compared to conventional real currencies?

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As the world becomes less and less dependent on states and borders, thanks in particular to the Internet revolution, which offers a common space where everyone can communicate or create an international business, the appearance of a common digital currency seemed more and more and more logical. Unlike real currencies that are controlled and issued at will by central banks or policymakers, bitcoin is not controlled by any central authority.

The Bitcoin payment system is a network of computers. Its rules are defined digitally in its computer code and can only be modified following an agreement between all the participants of the Bitcoin network btc to usd. No organization or authority has the power to issue new funds, block or filter transactions, or create new rules. This seems unimportant to most Westerners, who are fortunate enough to use decently stable currencies.


Bitcoin transactions are confidential. You never have to share your personal information or risk having your identity stolen. Since you do not enter personal information, hackers have nothing to steal. Compare this with traditional forms of payment btc to usd where you may be required to share your card number, address, name, and telephone, information that hackers can use to steal your identity.


Bitcoin is reliable. Like the Internet, it works on millions of computers all over the world, not in one place or one organization. This is called decentralized, or peer-to-peer technology. Bitcoin can only fail if all of the computers on the network fail.

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