Discover the Miracle of HEPA Filters

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While your first defense to allergies is keeping your home clean and risk-free of allergens, adding an air filter is your second line of protection. Take note though, an air cleaner is not the solution to your allergies. It may aid and reduce your symptoms, however, air cleaners do not totally eliminate your allergies.

At present, the market offers various types of air filters. Nonetheless, this article will be focusing on the mechanical kind. Developed during World War II to prohibit particles from escaping laboratories, the mechanical filter is a system which pressures air through a special screen which catches particles such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and even tobacco smoke.

HEPA filter

Currently, the commonly known mechanical filter is the high-efficiency particulate air or simply called HEPA filter. Note that HEPA is a kind of filter and not a brand name. Continue to read this article to further discern how you can benefit from this system.

Absolute and HEPA-type Filters

To qualify as an absolute HEPA filter, it must be submitted and tested to verify if it meets the specific quality standard of a true HEPA. An absolute HEPA is evidenced to trap at least 99. 97% particles of 0.3 microns. Afterward, you will find the result printed on the filter.

Meanwhile, you will also find in the market the less expensive HEPA-type filters. These kinds of filters appear the same as the absolute types, however, it doesn’t fulfill the same quality standard of its counterpart.

A HEPA-type filter may catch approximately 85% to 90% particles, it may even drop lower for particles of 1 micron and below.

Do I really need to buy one?

The HEPA system may either be a bagged or bagless model. Some commercial environments like construction or restoration sites stipulate the use of HEPA vacuum. Using a conventional vacuum with HEPA filters or bags is a violation of EPA rules and may consequently result in legal fines.

Having said that, it means that the bag does not make a vacuum HEPA. Alternately, adding a HEPA-type bag or a HEPA filter in a regular vacuum does not mean you will be getting an absolute HEPA performance.

Note that the absolute types are sealed and carry special filters that cleanse outgoing air coming out of the vacuum. In contrast, conventional vacuums filter the air coming out thru the vacuum bag.

As emphasized earlier, HEPA vacuums are recommended as your second line of defense at home. Before deciding which type is suitable for you, research on the best hepa vacuum.

Do the system really help?

HEPA filters can eliminate most airborne particles in your home that aggravates your allergies. While it does help reduce your symptoms, it is encouraged that you also add the following measures to help you with your allergies:

  • Routinely change beddings and wash sheets in hot water.
  • Remember to vacuum on a regular schedule.
  • Use roll-up shades instead of draperies and curtains.

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