The Achilles Tendonitis Treatment

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There are four principles of Achilles treatment that you must follow in order to have a fast recovery process. The first principle of treatment is rest. When you have tendonitis, you should have enough time to relax, so as not to overload the affected part.

After rest, you must attach ice to the affected part.

Placing ice cubes at the injury site will provide great relief. Ice can help reduce pain, swelling, and bleeding. You must remember that direct contact of ice with your skin can cause skin damage.

The third principle of treatment of the Achilles tendon (pain of the Achilles heel) is to compress the lesion site. Compression helps control the swelling and bleeding of the damaged part. Remember that to speed up the treatment process, you should perform exercises for calves. These exercises will help you strengthen the damaged part and prevent the occurrence of tendonitis. Over time, it will heal gradually.

If your achilles tendonitis treatment Singapore process is very slow and you find that you have severe pain at the site of injury, you can consult a doctor. Visiting a doctor is very important, as you will be given advice on how to get treatment. It is important to avoid injuries near heat sources. This is due to the fact that high temperature will stimulate bleeding from the damaged part, be more painful and cause more swelling.


If you want to speed up the treatment of the Achilles tendon. It is important that you massage your damaged tendon. This will help stimulate blood flow and reduce pain. You must not ignore the pain you are experiencing; you must control the damaged part and determine the cause of the pain.

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