Why Hire A Florist Singapore?

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Who wouldn’t like a beautiful rose on a dewy morning? Or a bright sunflower on a bright sunny day? Lillies and orchids for mid day? tulips Daisies and carnations for a romantic evening!? It would make anyone’s day turn into a beautiful and memorable one! Such is the power of flowers and nature that has been bestowed upon us. In the past, floristry was a rare business . But as years passed, the industry got more creative and gloomed into one of the most essential and lucrative business of all times. Now one cannot think of hosting an event that doesn’t include exquisite floral decoration boasting some of the exotic imported flowers.

Benefits of hiring flower delivery service?

There are many rampant florist Singapore businesses available over the internet, including Ferns N Petals, IGP and much more. As part of their business expansion, florists not only cater to flower deliveries but also have customised their supply based on events. They provide combo packs which includes fresh flowers, pack of exotic chocolates, cakes and gifts. By such excellent marketing they have constantly increased their turnover year on year. There are different styles of flower decoration, like ikebana, modern European style, English Gardens and much more. One can also find courses that teach such various styles of floristry.


Though this business is lucrative and in high demand, it’s highly impacted by the seasonality of flowers. There are various flowers that can be a good business supply but their availability is spread across a vast geographical area. The Netherlands is the highest exporter of various flowers, their revenue from export of flowers accounts up to $3.68 Billion per year. Their main exports include tulips, lilies, chrysanthemums and roses. United States is well known for their hybrid roses and lilies. Likewise various countries cultivate various hybrid flowers. Hence their availability and supply can be hampered in case of serious calamities or disasters. Even though this risk may be well accounted by the floristry industry, they still are affected by alarming weather conditions, fall in supply leading to high prices of certain exotic flowers, their limited shelf life, which just adds up to the cons of the industry.

Even with such cons, as that may exist is any business, the floristry still upholds to be one of the beautiful and successful businesses worldwide. Based on the fact that a beautiful flower can uplift anyone’s mood and can make any event or a relationship blossom, the business of florists tend prosper perpetually.