Different Types Of Ray Ban Wayfarer

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After aviators, wayfarers are the bestselling sunglasses from Ray Ban brand. Just like aviators, while buying wayfarers, one has to pay attention to the size even though some are under the misconception that wayfarers have universal fit. In this case as well, you have to get the measures on your temple, bridge, and the eyes or lenses. Additionally, you have to pay attention to the types of Ray Ban Wayfarer available as different types have different designs.

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Ray Ban 2140 –

If you want to buy a classic wayfarer, you have to search for Ray Ban 2140. There are different limited sizes available and they are 47, 50, and 54 mm. The most common ones sold are 50mm ones and 47mm ones are rare to get while 54mm ones are for those having a large face size. There is a different variant available named Ray Ban 2140F which is primarily for Asian fit. They are slightly tighter because the bridge is smaller and the lens size is 52mm. If you are dressed in a retro style, these sunglasses will match the best.

Ray Ban 2132 –

In terms of numbering, this one is lesser than 2140 but in reality, these are the new Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses that sell like hotcakes. There are available in two different sizes of lenses. They are 52mm which are for those having small to medium face size while the 55mm ones are having a bigger face type. There are various designs available for the frame and they are sure to enhance your exterior look to impress anyone instantly.

Ray Ban 4105 –

These fall somewhere between the modern wayfarer RB 2132 and the classic retro RB 2140 ones in terms of design. The highlighting point of these wayfarers is that they are foldable. They are easy to carry and show off as most of the people will consider foldable ones innovative and modern.

Ray Ban 4195 –

This is an upgrade of the classic RB 2140 close to RB 2132 and it can be considered as a true hybrid. They are extremely lightweight and designed for heavy-duty usage. They are also slightly less expensive.