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In the shipping industry, container vans or shipping containers play one of the most important roles which make it a steady and strong industry that already spans more than a hundred years and today, it is used to transport cargoes from more than 50,000 cargo ships sailing around the world, transporting different types of goods for consumers such as raw materials, food, vehicles, equipment, furniture, and apparel to name a few. Almost all of the goods, products, and equipment from other countries that docks at your port are stored in a container van or a shipping container.

shipping containers and container vans

In fact, around 20-million shipping containers and container vans travel and sail across the seas and oceans every day aboard huge cargo ships that could either carrying exports and imports from around the country maintaining the strong trading industry in a global scale and be keeping economies running.

In this article prepared by davenport laroche container shipping, let us discuss the benefits and advantages of using container vans and shipping containers for cargo and transportation.

  • Low cost- Containers are the units that document all the goods that it carries to a certain point or location that is why it does not need any more inspection during its entire duration of travel making it faster to arrive at its destination. Most containers that are bound to be transported by huge cargo ships usually have its details and information plastered outside of it making it easier for sailors as well as customs officers to identify the contents of that container. However, there are strict measures that opt customs officer to re-inspect container vans that lack documents or has arrived at its port of destinations which does not appear to their schedule. This kind of security measure is to prevent any smuggled goods from outside the country.
  • Assurance of quality goods- Once all of the contents of the container van has been put in; it will be sealed completely to prevent any foreign objects from coming in especially if the contents are food or raw materials. This is one effective way of maintaining the quality of the goods from bad weather especially that it is transported in a cargo ship that usually has to endure sea storms while traveling. It is also one way to protect it from the temperatures, theft, and other hazards while it is traveling. Most containers are made up of durable metal frames and sheets to completely protect the contents of it for the reduction of deterioration, loss and even theft. With this kind of quality assurance, the maritime transportation agencies in its port of destination consume lesser energy. This kind of method also helps maritime transportation energy to save energy and time.
  • Flexibility in transporting goods- Container shipping is truly advantageous when it comes to transporting goods. The minimum weight it can transport is a whopping, one ton regardless of what kind of good would that be making it very flexible and versatile in transporting goods all over the world. Although there are smaller shipping containers and container vans for small loads of goods, it is still a very effective way to transport bulks of different kind of goods which results to a better economic impact in its point of destination.