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These days, the number of the Telugu movie lovers is increasing. Telugu movies always have stories that can touch your heart deeply. They pay attention to family life, love, and feelings. You can browse these great Telugu movies on aha, a streaming platform. It is undoubtedly the best place to stream a Telugu full movie online. Just select any movie and be entertained in the comfort of your home.

Here are some movies with unique stories that you might like.

1. DJ Tillu 

DJ Tillu is a young man around town who likes to have fun. His favorite thing is a party. He wants to be a well-known DJ, although his father still disagrees with his career choice. One day, he comes across Radhika, and she instantly bows him over. But things take a surprising turn when Radhika gets him into trouble. Now, DJ Tillu has to figure out how to fix things and get out of trouble.

2. My Dear Donga

My Dear Donga is a movie about a thief who didn’t plan on it but fell in love with a lovely girl while trying to rob her. The movie shows how they deal with their feelings and the problems of being together. They have to manage their friends’ and relatives’ opinions, which adds to their difficulties. It’s about a story that looks into how love can be changed, either good or bad, and how it may impact all involved.

3. Sundaram Master

Sundaram Master is a funny and thoughtful Telugu full movie made in 2024. It’s about a man named Sundar Rao who comes to a village as an English teacher, but he’s got some secrets up his sleeve. The movie explores how the villagers react to him and what happens with his secret mission.

Sundaram Master' trailer: Funny to the core - Telugu News -

The main actors are Harsha Chemudu, Divya Sripada, and Harsha Vardhan. The story revolves around Sundar Rao, Myna, an MLA, and other characters in the village of Miryalametta.

On June 22, 2023, one of the producers, Ravi Teja, provided the movie’s stills and plot summary. At last, Chiranjeevi released the teaser on February 15, 2024. Sricharan Pakala composed the film’s soundtrack, and Divo Music was granted the songwriting rights.

4. Bubblegum 

Sai Aditya, nicknamed Adhi (played by Roshan Kanakala), is a regular guy who dreams of becoming a DJ. One day, he meets Jahnavi (played by Maanasa Choudhary), a girl who comes from a rich family. They both fall in love deeply, but their love story gets complicated when something important happens that puts their relationship to the test.

The story follows what happens next, wondering if Adhi and Jahnavi decide to break up or if they try to fix things even when it seems impossible. This movie is now streaming on aha OTT.

5. Mr. Pregnant

Gautham, a famous tattoo artist, doesn’t notice how much Mahi loves him at first. Later, however, he starts to feel the same way about her. But there’s a catch: he doesn’t want kids. Even though Mahi wants them, she agrees not to have any. They get married, and things seem okay until Mahi gets pregnant.

Gautham doesn’t like having a baby, so he makes a surprising choice: he’ll have the baby himself. The movie is about why he makes this big decision, what happens because of it, and how their families and society react.

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