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If you look at house and how they are decorated you will see that it isn’t how it was ten years ago people are becoming more modernize, and they would also be taking ideas from different cultures. One of these are using modern Turkish rugs Singapore. They are becoming quite popular with the people.

Why is there a high demand for it?

Well Turkey is a popular tourist country, there is so much art and culture towards it that people fell in love with it. So when tourists started buying it in Turkey, more people started producing it, and modernizing it. As they are beautiful pieces of art the more people wanted it in their homes.

What there is to know about it?

So when you are choosing modern Turkish rugs in Singapore you have to look at the weave type, there are both Persian knots, and Turkish knots. You would also have to consider the material it is made out of, you want the rug to last you a couple of year. Furthermore the shapes sizes, and colours should also be considered. There are various types and sizes.

Where to get it from?

If you look at any carpet shops they will surely have these available, if you’re in Singapore the best place to look would be at They have tons of options available, and with their deals you can get a pretty good discount. These rugs can be pretty expensive, it can range from $1000-$5000.

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