History and team of Studio Ghibli

Are you in love with animation movies? Yes, they are innovative and amazing and you can make anything that you can imagine, right from cute cartoon characters to deadly ghosts and monsters to sci-fi characters. It all depends on your imagination. Each country has its own tinge of style when it comes to animation movies and a lot can be said with few minutes of animation. In the Japanese animation industry, Studio Ghibli is a renowned and amazing animation studio that has given several amazing movies and short films as well as commercials to the country. Some of the most popular works of Ghibli include Spirited away and Totoro and the team are working on a new project named How do you live and Deadpool toy?

History of Ghibli: The main founders of the studio are Isao Takahata, Hayao Miyazaki who are the directors and Toshio Suzuki who is the producer of the studio. The Ghibli studio was launched on 15th of June 1985 and since then it has been a popular studio in Japan. The founders of the studio have a lot of passion for the animation industry and this is proved by their several years of experience in the same industry. Prior to the launch of this studio, Takahata and Miyazaki had worked on films such as marvel store, Panda Go Panda and Hols: Prince of the sun. Suzuki worked as an editor in animage manga magazine.

 Apart from these three leading personalities in the studio, the composer, writer, and other team are also passionate and have relevant experience of several years in the animation industry. With such a wonderful team together it has been possible by the studio to deliver an awesome number of films in the animation industry. The ghibli’s films in Japan are distributed by Toho whereas the home video releases are handled by Walt Disney Studios Home entertainment in Japan. The international sales rights are held by Wild Bunch.

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In reality, the visuals, sound effects, and characters of the movie are much more exciting and attractive and the animation is amazing such that it has grabbed so much appreciation and awards for the hard work of the team.

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