Choosing The Right Baby Changing Station for You

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Most mothers are aware of how cumbersome changing diapers is. Aside from being messy, you also have to be extremely organized. There are times when you need to do the changing on the floor. However, such practice can hurt your back and knees.  The truth of the matter is that changing diapers need not be difficult. To make diapering less difficult, consider buying a baby changing station. Such station can greatly make the ordeal less time consuming. Baby stations offer good hygiene. All the surfaces are washable. There are two types of changing stations in the market.

Features of Baby Stations

Drop Down Shelf Type

The design of a drop down shelf type changing station may differ. They can be with or without storage shelves and might not incorporate a bath tub. This type of baby changing station is made from different materials. Aside from the standard plastic-type version, baby stations can also be made from steel or wood. Wooden stations are more preferred for homes because they are similar to home furniture and will not look odd in a nursery room. Baby stations made from wood may last longer because they can be used for toys or books later on. Do not invest on the best baby stations if you will only use it for changing diapers.

Open Shelf Baby Station

The prices of open shelf baby stations vary greatly. An industrial baby station could cost around a thousand dollars or more. Household designs could cost about a couple of hundred dollars. With an open shelf baby station, you can save space when not in use. You can be prepared rather than crawling around in cupboards and drawers.

However, one drawback of this baby station is that it is not multi-functional. No one will likely want to use it just for basic storage. With an open shelf baby station, you can always change nappies for free.

Features of Baby Stations

Different baby stations offer different features. For instance, there are those that come with a padded changing surface. Some are coated with a PVC material to make the station washable. Unlike changing your baby on a rug, baby stations are more hygienic. They eliminate the risk of leaving behind any residues which could increase the risk of the baby acquiring an infection.

We always want the best for our baby and that includes giving them a convenient place for changing their diaper. Do your research when considering buying baby stations.

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