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Fossil is one of the renowned brands all over the world. It is an American brand that specializes in watches. Manufacturing and designing is the main concept of this brand. The brand was founded in the year of 1984. The main product was the watches with a retro style. No doubt, they have gained supreme value with a chance of importing overseas.

A watch is something that adds a distinctive feature to the hands of an individual. The brand has gained very much support and likes. It has become world-famous and has received several awards. Prices of fossil watches are bit higher because it provides quality, stylish looks, and good premium quality.

Are Fossil watches are cheap?

The watches are a bit expensive for an individual. The average price range lies from $50 to approximately $1000 or more. The value increases with the design and looks. Daily a new design material has been included in the watch to gather the best-detailed looks. Fossil watches are top-rated watches, comparing with other brands of the same level. However, the prices are lower than the luxury brands. The price varies from country to country. Import and export prices are responsible for the differences in the costs. Usually, the price is lower in the country where the manufacturing is made. Additional tax makes fluctuation in the price.

Fossil- A luxury brand?

Yes, the fossil is a luxury brand that produces luxury products and watches. Being a luxury brand, the brand is supposed to manufacture world-class products. Apart from watches, the fossil brand produces various other things, like belts, wallets, bags, and pieces of jewellery.  fossil watch price in singapore prices are different Singapore. However, they are different in other countries.


A watch adds an identity, is very convenient for use and other products manufacturing. Being a world-class brand, keeping a respected identity is a must.

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