How to Download Apex Legends?

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Apex Legends is free to play battle royale game and it is one of best battle royale game ever made. This battle royale game is slightly different from other battle royale games in terms of characters. Unlike other battle royale games, each character in Apex Legends has its own unique set of skills and capabilities. This makes the game more interesting and better than others. Want to play it, but don’t know how to download Apex legends? You can visit from where you can download the game to your system. After downloading it, follow the below steps to install the game:

Step 1: Once downloading the game successfully, run the “.exe” and then, begins to install the Apex Legends game.

Step 2: After that, follow the instructions to install the game.

Step 3: Within a few minutes, the game begins to download as well as install automatically.

Step 4: Then, wait for minutes until the installation process is not completed.

Step 5: After that, you need to pop up with key i.e. for download and next, activate the Apex Legends game and start playing.

Download Apex Legends

This is how you can download Apex Legends game on your system. However, you can download it on your computer only if you fulfill the system requirement for the game, which are:

  • You need Windows 7 OS and 64-bit.
  • The minimum requirement for RAM is 6 GB.
  • The minimum requirement for disk space is 30 GB.
  • The sound adapter.
  • The graphics card: Radeon HD 7700/ NVIDIA GeForce GT 640.

If your system fulfills these requirements, then you can download this battle royale game without any trouble. So, download and have fun while playing this game. Once you start playing, six characters will be available to you right away, but you need to unlock two more characters by playing or money.

In Apex Legends game, players are further grouped into teams of three, and each player then chooses a unique legend or hero. At first, all teams begin having no weapon or equipment. After that, teams scour the map for ammunition and weapons while fighting against each other to stand last in the battle. This game features voice-chat communication with teammates and a contextual a single-button communication system or ping system to let player ping features of the map, such as rally points, weapons, and opponents.

In addition to it, the game is worked through microtransactions that give the player an opportunity to customize their chosen character via various cosmetic items for weapons and legends, in-game banners and voice lines. You can earn new items from Apex Packs, i.e. loot boxes containing random rewards. However, you will get to more about the game when you play the game more and more. The game itself provides a lot of information regarding how to play and what the character main role. So, go to the to apex legends download and you will love the game for sure!!

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