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Read the game’s flow; listen for footsteps and gunfire, guess where adversaries will appear, and attempt to be the one who determines how the game will end. These are the top five suggestions given to players that want to improve their Modern Warfare skills in Cod boost. Let’s get started:

  1. Create a weapon loadout that suits your playstyle.

With the weapon gunsmith in this year’s Call of Duty, the iconic weapon modification was taken to a new level, giving every gun in the game a purpose. We rank guns in three levels in our Call Of Duty Modern Warfare weapon tier list. Note that you should always use the appropriate firearms for the good terrain! It’s important to note that assault rifles or snipers are used, whereas SMGs or shotguns are used on smaller maps.

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  1. Recognize the map you’re playing.

This year, Infinity Ward disappointed a lot of fans by excluding their three-lane map design. The maps, in my perspective, are unique but not necessarily horrible. They’re a lot more open and have more corners to watch out for, and because the TTK (Time-to-Kill) in this game is so low, it slows the game down and requires you to adopt a more tactical approach. That being said, don’t expect to perish in a flash if you run around in the open field! Play towards the map’s edges and pick your locations wisely.

  1. Adapt to a low TTK

This game’s Time To Kill is the lowest we’ve observed so far. Fans are dissatisfied with the map design because they die too quickly and randomly compared to previous Cod boosts versions where you had a chance to turn a gunfight around. 3-4 AR shots close-mid range are enough to kill someone, which is one of the reasons fans are dissatisfied with the map design. A minor positioning error is all it takes to find oneself dying against worse players far more frequently than you imagined. A passive playstyle is useful because it allows you to choose your positions (not a corner, that’s considered camping!) and angles.

  1. Stop rushing around like a chicken with no head.

Don’t treat this game like a Cod shooter. You don’t want to speed around those corners, don’t want to run into a room, and you certainly don’t want to rush anything. You should play this game at a more leisurely pace. As we discussed previously, you want to hold down specific locations where you don’t push too hard and allow the opponents to come to you.

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