Why do people export fruits and vegetables:

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Natural resources are very important for cultivation. Not all countries have adequate natural resources to grow the crops which they require for consumption. There are countries who import vegetables and fruits from other countries as they are not able to produce these products in their country. To grow vegetables and fruits the natural resources and climatic conditions should support in favour of the farmers so that they can grow crops by themselves. However because of the climatic conditions few countries opt to import some products from other countries. Some countries opt to go for tinned food as they may not have adequate natural resources. There are few fruits which can be grown only in specific temperature. There are few fruits which have unique features like curing some diseases and also may have the healing capability in them if consumed. However it can’t be grown in all parts of the world. They would require specific climatic conditions in which they can grow. Even if people try to cultivate the fruit in their place it may not be of the same quality and may not have the same properties as it should actually have. Hence people would like to import such fruits. Durian is one such fruit which is highly in demand. There are many methods for durian delivery in singapore. People would like to import the fruit to their country and make it available for their citizens. Also if people wanted to buy the best quality of fruits they can opt to order for the product online.


Fruits are good for health. People would consume fruits to keep themselves healthy. Fruits have lot of minerals and vitamins in it. There are different types of fruits and each fruit is unique in its nature. There are fruits which are in different colours and in different shapes. It is always suggested to choose the best quality fruit and consume it on daily bases.

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