How to Make French Fries the Healthy Snack?

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After a hectic day at work, one snack that we often find easy to munch is French fries, chips and packaged noodles or wafers. Basically we search for something that is easily available & tasty too. French fries make us feel good while eating, but in a long run it increases our weight and bad for your health. But, in this article we will look at healthy way of making French fries or find substitutes that are easily available at home that you can have when feeling hungry. Let us check out how you can make French fries a healthy everyday snack and also check out this recipe for butternut squash fries:

Bake It

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We generally cook or deep fry in the vegetable oil that result in more calories and fat. But, when you bake fries, you cut down on extra calories and fat, still it is simple to go beyond. You can add 2 tablespoons of oil before spraying on the potatoes.

Try Grilling

Another amazing way to make delicious and tasty French fries is to grill them. You can prepare in the same way you bake fries in your oven, and fire up on the grill. Just keep turning regularly to prevent your fries from sticking and burning from end.


For some people, the kind of French fry may not matter much, but the sauce you use to dip your potatoes in. To some, the kind of fry will be an important part that we completely understand!

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