The important game which must be added to extracurricular activities

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Starting from the realization that today’s children have lost their golden age, the period of playing in groups, collaboration, sportsmanship, discipline and honesty through traditional games that explore body movements a lot.  Children today tend to be obese and play individuallyapart from being engaged with other players and they most like to sit and play it’s also due to unnatural instant food and lack of physical movement.

The taekwondo for kids singapore Team explained that every year’s extracurricular activities were different.  In addition to painting, finger painting, colouring, dance, singing, speech and, there is one new extracurricular addition, namely Taekwondo.

It is important to teach martial arts to type sports to children aged over 4 years to form character, build intelligence through concept habituation exercises, and train a sense of awareness.  That is alert to the environment that can threaten and have their skills to deal with danger.  Of course,nobody wants children to be in a dangerous situation, but rather the knowledge of sense of awareness that we need to train here.

The basics of taekwondo are a combination of various offensive and defensive movement techniques that use our bodies to deal with opponents.  Kicking, jumping, punching, stance techniques taught to toddlers are focused not on strength, but rather on posture and body position, whether it’s correct or not.

The first teaching is fitness techniques, with exercises that help develop psychomotor and support health.  Such as kick movement variations exercise, namely;  forward kick, side kick, back kick, jump kick and so on and training. The next stage is more directed at inculcating discipline, moral attitudes or values ​​and character like thinking, intelligence. attitude, attitude. Behaviour, habitssuch as not attacking first, daring to admit weakness, being chivalrous.

 The important thing that must be emphasized to children when learning this game is that the opponent is a partner or friend, not an opponent.  So that during practice the opponent’s figure is replaced with a large teddy bear, or a large pillow to eliminate the impression of the enemy.

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