The keys to financial education

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If something we have made clear in these years of crisis and economic hardship for most families is that it is in a world like today is more necessary than ever to have a good financial education. And for this you have to be clear about certain concepts and carry out practices that will help you weather the storm when it arrives. With financial education it is intended that thanks to a better understanding of financial products and to have the precise skills, citizens learn to make informed decisions and develop saving habits and planning of expenses. The keys to financial education can be summarized in these ten.

Be clear about your goals

Be clear about your goals and set a strategy to achieve them. This will allow you to plan the time you will need and the use you should make of your money. If you have a goal to visualize, such as paying for a trip on vacation, you will be more motivated to save.

Be aware of your income and live according to them

We would all like to be able to visit this link live without looking at the current account and give ourselves many caprices, but unfortunately it is not possible. Do not want to live above your means or you will end up with debts that you cannot pay.

Learn to make budgets and meet them

In relation to the previous point and once you are aware of the money you have you have to sit down and study what is the best way to distribute it to get more out of it.

Financial Education for children

Identify the types of income and expenses that exist

 When making your budget keep in mind what you receive and what you pay regularly and also if you receive an extra month or Hacienda returns money from the declaration. In the same way, do not overlook if on certain dates you have a payment that you do not usually do every month, such as a higher gas bill in the cold months.

Learn about taxation and possible aid

 Maybe there are expenses you can deduct when making the statement of income, such as what you paid for school supplies (we recommend reading you can deduct the cost of the return to school in the declaration? There are also aids or discounts for family types, economic situation, etc. from which you can benefit.

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