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The artificial Intelligence enabled telephony systems for your business. You can automate your communication with customer by advanced speech recognition, reporting and anaytics. Company communication must be the simple plug & play system. The call center solution will make this possible. You do not need to spend any time on maintaining and creating your infrastructure and your code.


interactive voice response or IVR system helps to decrease the cost and complexity, time required to deploy voice & IP communications. Improve customer experience with the custom greetings in the regional languages. Modified IVR feature directs the customer to right menu basis the history, and reducing call waiting time.

Voicemail and Auto Attendant

It helps you to speed your call transfer time and organizing the unified voicemail to the subscribers this front office solution is best for all the organizations.

Multilevel Menus

Clear up the live agents to handle other calls while giving your customers fast access to information, person or service they want with the automated interactions.

Call Recording

With telephone recorder device you can ensure the best practice over your business as well as guarantee good customer service with adaptable Recording solutions.

Network Messaging

The scalable and reliable messaging solution, Network Messaging allows MVNOs carriers and, service providers to deploy featured messaging and voice mail functions to the subscribers. The subscribers will benefit from the organized messaging solution.

Network Conferencing

With Audio & Network Conferencing systems you can allow both the carriers and the corporates to give feature-rich as well as safe audio conferencing to the subscribers.


  • Scale at Ease
  • Superior Quality
  • Best success rates, reduced latency and voice quality
  • Reliability
  • Grow and expand without any worrying about the infrastructure
  • Good Support
  • Best uptimes of over 99.94% including the operator uptimes
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Easy to implement

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