Aftercare tips for lash extensions

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Every woman knows that she has to take care of her eyes after having an eyelash extension. If you react carelessly after eyelash extension then your eyelash extension will not stay longer. You can make your eyelash extension money worthy then you must have to take care of eyelash extension aftercare. Apart from all this, you must have to go with the best eyelash extension service provider so that you will enjoy the best services. The good eyelash extension expert will provide you all the important points like how long do eyelash extensions last and how you can take care of them properly.

These are few aftercare tips for lash extension:

  • Wash lashes daily 

Every female must have to wash her eyelashes daily and almost twice or thrice a day. Because the dust particles are stuck in the eyelash which can create problems later. So you have to properly take care of the eyelashes by cleaning and washing them from time to time. If you have the question of how long do eyelash extensions last then you can wash them regularly to extend their life.

  • Avoid using moisture 

Many females are using moisture near the eyes area but it is not good for your lash extension. You have to wait for about 24 hours after doing the lash extension as the moisture will lose the grip of the eyelashes.

  • Avoid touching and rubbing lashes 

If you have the habit of touching your eyes or rubbing your eyes then you must have to control it for some time. Do not touch or rub them for few hours, let them set properly.

All these three tips will increase the life of your eyelashes, keep these things in mind. The more you take care of eyelashes the more they stay longer. If you have any kind of problem like pain, redness in the eyes then you must have to visit your eyelash expert.

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