Used electric cars: from the cheapest to the most expensive

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For many people, electric cars are a distant, almost ultra-futuristic means of transport, about which one hears and reads a bit of everything. However, the constantly growing sales figures say that the truth is different and that the electric car is preparing to become the car of an ever closer future.

Electric cars have several advantages:

They’re good for the environment

They are more efficient than traditional vehicles

They have adequate autonomy for average daily transfers

They have an increasingly affordable price

They entertain and excite electric cars for sale in san diego

They are recharged with electricity , directly from the home socket or at special charging stations for electric cars. Compared to common fuels derived from fossil fuels (e.g. petrol and diesel), the energy used to fill up an electric car costs practically nothing: with 3-4 euros you can travel up to 200 km . It then clearly depends on the model of the car and the type of road you travel on.

In some areas of Italy and Europe, used and new electric cars have considerable advantages, for example they have full  access to restricted traffic areas  and can park for free. It’s not like this everywhere but the trend is going in this direction, to encourage more and more people to enter the city with a vehicle that doesn’t emit exhaust fumes check this site out

Electric cars have much simpler mechanics than cars with diesel or petrol engines and consequently the maintenance for an electric motor is infinitely less than that for traditional cars with classic fuel, which allows further savings. For example, electric car engines do not use oil, one of the main items of expense when doing a service.

The offer of electric cars is constantly growing

The fact that electric cars are easier to drive, have a  very quiet  engine and are not subject to traffic stop regulations, have increased the interest in electric cars on the part of Italians . Of course, today only a few models of fully electric cars are available in our country, which tend to be quite expensive, but a valid alternative can be represented by used electric cars .

Converting a car to electric

Replacing the combustion engine of your current used car with an electric motor is called an electrical retrofit or electrical upgrading, and consists of transforming the car with the classic combustion engine into an electric car by installing a conversion kit .

If you are interested in knowing the workshop that carries out the  electrical retrofit  or electrical requalification, read this article:  Electrical retrofit: how to transform the car into electric car.

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