Reasons to get insurance for art collection

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Art is like an investment for art collectors; it’s not just in a matter of money, but they also invest their time and emotion. And when we invest in something, we ensure that if it gets damaged or stolen, we don’t face any loss in the future by getting insurance. Like, we get an insurance policy for our health, vehicles, travel, or home. Similarly, by gettingĀ insurance for art collection, you can ensure that if an unexpected thing happens to your collected arts, you are not losing anything financially. Of course, the emotional loss is there, but at least the money and time you invested in maintaining the art does not get wasted.

insurance for art collection

Check out the reasons

Still unsure if you should get art insurance for your valuable collection, we have listed some reasons why art insurance is a must for an art collector?

If you are an art collector or an artist, it’s important to understand the value of art insurance. So let’s get started:

  • Understand the Market Value:With art insurance, you can also know its retail value in the market means the worth of your collection.
  • No Tension while giving your art on lease:As you know, displaying art in galleries or museums increases its value, so when you give your art to art galleries or museums, you can be tension-free from incidences like theft, damage of pieces during transport, or your possession getting sold without your knowledge.
  • Restoration of your art:If your piece or painting got any damage and you want to restore it, your right insurance policy can cover your expense of restoration of your art. You can also get compensation for the loss in the market value of your damaged piece.
  • Replacement Cost:With art insurance, you’ll get market value replacement cost if your piece or set of art got lost or damaged.
  • More value than in home insurance:Many artists and art collectors have a perception that with home insurance, your possessions in the home are also insured. Yes, you’ll get the compensation if your art is damaged during some mishap that happens at home, but it would be very less than its actual worth in the market. You’ll not get the worth of your art. So, separate insurance for art gets you the fair compensation you deserve.

Hence getting art insurance of your art collection is a must for every art collector to be tension-free of something unexpected happening to your valuable possession. So, go and find a good insurer to protect your art collection.


Fleet insurance – What it really meant?

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If you have cars or taxis which are for private or public use it is must to be insured. If you have more than one car then it could be better to get fleet insurance, under this you all vehicles will get covered. if you are planning get insured read this article, you will get some ideas about fleet insurance and some of its advantages over normal insurance.

  • It greatly helps you to avoid handling many different insurance policies. this policy greatly ensures that all your vehicles comes under a single policy, not only this but also avoids handling and confusions with many different insurance policies.
  • There is no need to worry about the renewal of each individual vehicles, because with the fleet insurance you can simple renew a single policy for all your vehicles.insrance
  • There are many insurance companies which covers the driver or insurer along with the vehicle insurance.
  • Since all vehicles comes under the single insurance cover the premium is lesser when compared to the sum of individual vehicle insurance premium. This will helps you to save your time and money in a great way.
  • You can have many different vehicles and can cover them all under one policy. This is one of the greatest advantage of having this fleet insurance.
  • Also you should know that this fleet insurance won’t cover the equipments and tools, you have to protect them by different insurance policies. There is no need to go anywhere to get those insurance you can get them with the same insurance provider.

These are some of the major things which you should know about this fleet insurance. If you are especially looking for cheap fleet insurance then you must spend some of your time online. Researching will greatly helps you to find the best, affordable and cheap one.

Shortlist some of the best insurance companies and try to compare them in detail. This will helps you to find the best insurance company for your vehicles. Also you can get help from your friends and families who have already have this fleet insurance.