Knowing when to change your car’s tyres

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How do I know if my car tyres need to be changed?

The tyres on your car have a life span of 10 years. However, we recommend that you use them for five years or 20,000 miles, whichever comes first.

However, the life of car tyres also depends on how you use them. If you constantly drive on highways, your car tyres wear out very quickly. This is also the case if you live in a tropical country or in a hot climate. You can also check the tread depth of your tyres. If the tyre is close to the tread, we recommend that you replace it with a new tyre. Failure to do so may result in additional damage that could cause an accident.

Tyre Replacement Companies

Car Tyre Replacement Services

If you have purchased a new car and at the same time need an outdated tyre, we can help you replace it. We also offer a service where our trained technicians check on site to see if your old tyres will work effectively on your new car.

Buying tyres for your new car

In addition to providing, you with high quality car tyres, we also perform a thorough diagnosis and evaluation of your new tyres. Once they’ve been mounted on your car, we check that all the little details are in order. If there are no problems, we’re ready to help you operate and drive your vehicle. If you need a 24 hour tyre replacement service, Our Company Ltd can help you.

Replacement Tyres

If you have a flat tyre and don’t have the tools or on hand, but you have a spare tyre, we have a way to save the day. If you require any help them you can feel free to contact our team. We guarantee the most effective car type replacement and car tyre service in Singapore. We also have a spare tyre that you can use. We also have everything you need for a tyre mounting service.

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